Our Objectives

ONE:         Monitoring Planning Applications

•    Comments on individual Planning Applications
•    Regular liaison meetings with Planning Office
•    Monitoring Council compliance with approved UDP & other policies
•    Monitoring Council performance on Society’s letters on individual applications
•    Input to Briefs & Pre-Application Consultations by the Council &/or Developers

TWO:        Outreach

•    Contacts with the Council
•    The Society Newsletter to Society Members & the Public
•    The Society Website to Society Members & the Public
•    The Civic Trust:  input to Civic Trust, & publication of its material in Newsletter
•    The London Forum:  input to Forum discussions, & publication in Newsletter
•    Various Council working groups – contributions by Committee Members


•    Photo record of buildings to be demolished, opened up views, new development
•    Tree Planting initiatives & funding
•    Other Environmental Improvements, paving, lighting, street clutter
•    Heritage Trail (with the Museum)
•    Local Architecture/Architects information (with the Museum)
•    Seeking of Local/National listings

NB.  A number of these ideas depend on resources and the input of individuals whose time availability varies. The Planning Committee would be interested in hearing from Members of any projects they consider worthwhile and their willingness to help with implementation.