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Merton’s Local Plan – our response to the Inspectors’ Main Modifications.

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Last Updated on 20 March 2024

Planning and Environment
A new Local Plan for Merton has been in preparation for some years.  This determines planning policies for the Borough for the next 15 years.  It needs to be compliant with national planning policies and with the London Plan.
The Council’s draft plan was considered in detail by two Government-appointed Inspectors at an Examination-in-Public during the summer and autumn of 2022.  Wimbledon Society representatives spoke at this and outlined areas where we suggested changes.
The Inspectors’ Report was made in January 2024.  It proposed hundreds of changes, from correcting minor errors to striking out whole paragraphs.  You can view their Main Modifications here.
We have now sent our response to the Inspectors’ Report, which you can view here.
Our letter complements the letter of 15 March from Wimbledon Park Residents’ Association (WPRA), as it was agreed between Wimbledon Society and WPRA that they would address the proposed Policy N8.1 for the future management of the Wimbledon Park Estate and we would comment on everything else.  Both bodies support and endorse each other’s letter.  You can view their letter here.