The Wimbledon Museum of the John Evelyn Society first opened its doors to the public in 1916, in a room kindly provided by the Wimbledon Village Club. For the story of our early days click here. More than 100 years later we are still in the same place, treasuring our traditions, but getting ready for a new phase.

We had planned to refurbish the museum in 2021. Now, because of the continuing uncertainty surrounding Covid 19, we have decided not to reopen this autumn, but rather to begin at once to rethink and redesign.

The Museum has unique and interesting collections, relating to life in Wimbledon since the Iron Age. You can find out more about them here. Our surveys show that visitors and non visitors alike feel that it is important to have a local museum (100% of replies in both categories). We want to create inspiring new displays, which represent and reflect the history, and the modern lives, of all sections of society in Wimbledon. We think it is important that the museum reflect and serve the whole of its community, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality and location.

As well as fresh exhibits, we want to create a space for activities, which will attract families and young people. We are consulting with local schools and places of worship, and young families, to find out what they would like the museum to provide. We hope to create a museum which helps everyone who lives here to learn about the area, its natural history, its histories, and its traditions.

Our projected budget is £150,000. We have already raised £95,000. Fundraising will continue alongside the development of the project, and we will be launching a crowd funding page soon.

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Our Collections

Our treasured collections relate to life in Wimbledon from about 500,000 years ago right up to the present.

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Choose from a wide selection of publications cataloguing Wimbledon’s rich and vibrant history.