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Plan Wimbledon – Why Will The Council Not Support It?

By 24 June 2021May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023


Plan Wimbledon is a group seeking to set up a Neighbourhood Forum for the town centre and surrounding areas.  The Wimbledon Society supports their ambitions.

As part of the process for obtaining recognition by the Council, a public consultation was organised with two questions for consideration:

Q1. Do you support Plan Wimbledon’s proposed neighbourhood area boundary?

Q2. Do you support Plan Wimbledon’s application to become a neighbourhood forum for that area?

Both questions obtained “Yes” votes of around 90%.  Some 1,330 participated in the consultation, considered a good response for an on-line consultation.

However, despite this overwhelming level of support, Merton planners are not recommending that the Council approves Plan Wimbledon’s application to become a Neighbourhood Forum

The Council report considers that Plan Wimbledon has not demonstrated sufficient support in all areas, principally in the Town Centre business community and in the Weir Road commercial area. Plan Wimbledon’s constitution was criticised for potentially allowing it to make decisions with no business representative present.  There were also concerns that the proposed designated area was too large and diverse.

It is open to Plan Wimbledon to reconsider their proposal and to re-apply.

There is a link to Plan Wimbledon’s website here.