AELTCNewsPlanning and Environment
15 August 2022

Our Further Letter of Objection to the AELTC’s Plans for Wimbledon Park Golf Course

Our Further Letter of Objection to the AELTC’s Plans for Wimbledon Park Golf Course (heading) The golf course lands are subject to a Covenant between AELTC and the Council that…
NewsPlanning and Environment
11 August 2022

Encouraging Early Community Involvement in Planning

Large planning developments often involve the developer having "Pre-Application" discussions with the Council before filing the actual application. This can mean that the first that the public know about the…
AELTCNewsPlanning and Environment
9 August 2022

Wimbledon Park Golf Course Development – a further letter of objection

In our continuing review of the additional 60 documents filed by the AELTC we have concluded that they have taken very little notice of our earlier reservations. We have now…
AELTCNewsPlanning and Environment
7 August 2022

Fact Checking the AELTC Statement in the Mail Online

The Mail Online (4/8/22) published an article 'Wimbledon at war as rival MPs team up to block plans to build 39 new courts - including one large stadium - on…
AELTCGreenwatchNewsPlanning and Environment
2 August 2022

Ancient Trees need our Love and Protection

Dr Dave Dawson, Wimbledon Park's local ecologist and environmental scientist, writes about the value of preserving ancient trees in the context of the AELTC's plans to develop the old Wimbledon…
NewsPlanning and Environment
29 July 2022

End of the Line for Wimbledon Chase Station building?

A planning application has been filed that seeks to redevelop Wimbledon Chase Station with a new block of 83 apartments with retail units on the ground floor.  The block would…

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