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Recent Activity by the Planning & Environment Committee

By 14 October 2021May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023


We are concerned at the continued use of Weir Road for waste recycling, in particular the constant passage of HGV lorries through the area.

Merton, as one of the four south-west London Boroughs that collectively run waste facilities under the South London Waste Plan (SLWP), is considering modifications to the draft new plan for the years 2021-2036.   We consider that the processing facilities for this type of waste should be relocated to another site in the SLWP Boroughs that is directly accessed from a major road and does not as now cause such severe traffic and environmental impact on local residential roads.

We have written to Merton Council to seek their support for this.

5G Street Clutter

5G phone networks need 5G technology and we have seen a number of planning applications to erect tall masts and street level cabinets.   With a number of 5G providers we are concerned at a potential proliferation of mast applications.

So we have written to Merton Council, encouraging them to meet with the various operators and produce a coherent overall working protocol, so that there will be no more ad hoc individual applications.

Weed Removal & Glyphosate

Himalayan Balsam may have pretty flowers, but it is an invasive plant species and is an offence to cause it to grow in the wild.

We have spotted some on Council land near Wimbledon Rugby Club’s ground and the edge of the Common.   Having alerted Merton to this, they have instructed their contractor, idVerde, to remove it.

Having written three times to the Council asking them to cease using glyphosate as a weed-killer, we are still awaiting a substantive reply.