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Council’s 12 storey building at odds with their Merton 2030 initiative

By 11 February 2022No Comments

Last Updated on 12 February 2022

1 – The Council announced its “Merton 2030” initiative that includes the comment: “Residents care a lot about the borough and want to be involved in shaping its future. The council will engage, involve and communicate effectively with the community so that everyone has a say about what happens in the area.”
2 – Councillors vote to approve the needless demolition of the St George’s House East office block in the town centre and its replacement with a 12-storey building, despite the wishes of a majority of local respondents who do not wish to see such large buildings turning our town into a smaller version of Croydon.  We objected and sent our letter to all the Councillors on the Planning Advisory Committee, only one of whom acknowledged it.  Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre and many individuals also objected.

So much for engaging with the community.