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Wimbledon Park Golf Course Development – Our comments on soil excavation and lorry movements

By 21 July 2022August 9th, 2022No Comments

Last Updated on 9 August 2022

In May, almost a year after the All England club made its application to develop the Wimbledon Park Golf Course lands, a further 60 documents in support of the application were filed.  You can view them on the Merton Planning Portal and accessing those documents marked as being submitted or amended on 23/05/22.
We have completed a detailed examination of these new/amended documents and compared them with the original ones.  This has highlighted many inconsistencies, particularly regarding the amounts of earth to be removed off site as a result of the various proposed building works and the consequential number of lorry movements required.  For instance, the AELTC seem only to have taken into account the number of full lorries leaving the site, ignoring the fact that first empty lorries need to arrive at the site.
The number of lorry movements will be of great concern to residents of Wimbledon Village and Southfields, along whose streets the lorries will be passing for several years if this application gets approval. We have seen the queues of cars on Church Road during the tennis fortnight and this may be a foretaste of what is to come.
We have written to the AELTC seeking their response to our re-calculations of their figures.  In view of the impending deadline for making comments to the planning authorities, we have also copied our letter to both Merton & Wandsworth planning departments to record as further objections to the AELTC’s scheme.
You can read our letter here.