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The Wimbledon Society wrote to all prospective candidates for the Wimbledon and Maldens constituency;

Rachel Brooks, Green Party
Ben Cronin, Reform UK
Danielle Dunfield-Prayero, Conservative and Unionist Party
Paul Kohler, Liberal Democrats
Aaron Mafi, Workers Party of Britain
Eleanor Stringer, Labour Party
Sarah Barber, Independent
Michael Watson, Heritage Party
Amy Lynch, Independent

and asked:

  1. How will you revitalise the retail centres of Wimbledon?
  2. What are your views on buildings above 7 storeys in Wimbledon?
  3. What will you do to ensure that the police station remains in Wimbledon?
  4. Are you for or against the AELTC application to develop the former Wimbledon Park
    Golf Course?
  5. Would you encourage the use of renewable fuels in Wimbledon, and, if so, how?
  6. Are you in favour or against further traffic reduction in Wimbledon, and if yes how
    should it be achieved?

You can see the answers received to date HERE.