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Photography provided by Love Wimbledon

The Society keenly participates in debates and consultation regarding plans for the town centre and closely monitors planning applications there.

The Society has developed its own vision for Wimbledon Town Centre: Vision 2040 calling for active planning of our town centre to make it a thriving, safe, clean and attractive place for people to live in and go about their leisure and business. We measure proposals for the town centre against this vision.

Additionally, we actively encourage our members and the local public to participate in debate regarding what is, after all, our town centre.

Wimbledon Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document (November 2020)

Merton Council has issued a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for Wimbledon Town Centre. This follows the earlier consultation which led to the publication of the Wimbledon Town Centre Masterplan. The Wimbledon Society responded to the new document with proposals to improve it. See our responses below

Download our responseDownload our 2nd response
There is a link to the Council website here that includes the final document (Future Wimbledon SPD November 2020) and earlier drafts and consultations

Other Town Centre Issues & Planning Applications

Here are links to other letters we have written:
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