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AELTC Plans to Remove Trees on Wimbledon Park Golf Course Quashed

By 16 January 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 16 January 2023

The AELTC, as owners of the now closed and padlocked Golf Course, sought planning permission last year to remove a handful of trees and some scrubland. We objected at the time and you can read our reasons here
It is gratifying to see that in December the Council refused the application.  But the noteworthy aspect is the long list of reasons given in the Decision Notice for their refusal:
*The proposed work will reduce the amount of tree canopy coverage in the park;
*The tree work is not considered to be necessary as compared to removal of trees on grounds of being dead or dangerous;
*The proposed work will be detrimental to the setting of the landscape;
*The proposed work will be detrimental to the character and appearance of the conservation area;
*The two Turkey Oak trees referred to as T324a & T324b are not located next to a fence, but railings;
*There is no explanation for the term ‘landscape restoration’ and no ecological assessment has been made of the significance of the pockets of scrub growth around the lake;
*There has been no assessment of the historical value of the vegetation and whether it should be retained as part of the protected heritage landscape;
*The application does not include any information concerning replacement planting for these 18 trees;
*Given that the current planning application reference 21/P2900 proposes a review of the landscape setting of the former golf course including planting numerous Oak trees across the landscape, this would be a more appropriate time for such a proposal to be considered. This will also allow for replacement planting to be carried out as part of those proposals;

*Merton Council has published a Climate Strategy and Action Plan, and the retention of existing trees helps to protect against climate change.