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Busting Myths Around The AELTC Planning Application

By 31 January 2022May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023

We’ve seen several examples of misinformation around the AELTCs plans to develop Wimbledon Park Golf Course for tennis use.  Here are some examples:
1) “There’s no loss of public access because the golf club is private land with no access to the general public.”
Not true: the golf course was available to the public.  Merton Council made sure in the lease granted in 1986 that any resident of Merton could play at a reduced green fee and without needing to become a member.  We are aware of people who have exercised that right.
2) “The AELTC will allow the public to use some of the grass courts to be built on the Golf Course outside the Championship weeks.”
Not true: the All England are proposing NO PUBLIC USE of any of their courts, whether in the stadium or outside.

3) “The AELTC are donating part of the Golf Course for use as a public park.”

Not true: the AELTC are proposing no “donation”. Part of the Golf Course will be left as an area accessible to the public and called a permissive Public Park.  But they would retain ownership and could close it. In 1993 the walkway around the Lake was to be dedicated for public use.  It’s not now.  “Dedication” is permanent; “permissive” means it can be withdrawn at any time. They already expect to exclude the public during the 3 weeks of Championship and qualifying and maybe for longer.