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College of Art to be Painted Black?

By 26 November 2020No Comments

Last Updated on 26 November 2020


Wimbledon College of Art, part of the University of the Arts London, has made a planning application for various works at its campus in Merton Hall Road.  Part of the proposal would see the removal of railings and the painting of brickwork on the newer blocks.

We dislike the idea of painting the brickwork, particularly if it were to be done in black as shown on the illustrations accompanying the application.  It can cause problems with moisture retention and would need to be repainted regularly.  The current orange surround to the entrance provides a focal point that would be lost if it were dulled down.

The college buildings need a degree of security and need to deter vandalism but they also need to be open and welcoming.  Removing the railings may or may not be the answer.

Now that a Climate Emergency has been declared, we feel that an opportunity is being missed by not incorporating PV or thermal panels in the proposed new roofs.

You can read our letter here.