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Merton Garden Streets Project Launched – Call for Volunteers

By 12 April 2021May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023

The Greening Merton section of the Climate Action Group is launching MERTON GARDEN STREETS. This is a proposal to copy the successful Green the Grid project in Southfields and roll it out bit by bit in Merton.

The aim is to encourage the greening of front (and back) gardens in whatever way works for a particular house. calling it Merton Garden Streets. This has benefits for air quality, biodiversity and the environment generally.

The aim is to get Merton residents and businesses turning their streets green by adopting and planting under their street trees, de-paving and planting their front gardens, putting living roofs on their bin/bike sheds and getting creative with their window boxes or hanging baskets. The aim for this year is to get 20-50 streets, and 10-20 households per street (1000 households) across the borough of Merton signed up to Garden Streets and 100 streets within three years. It will be run as a street-scale competition with judging in August and a street-party (hopefully) for the winning street (if funding permits).

Anyone interested, or who would like to support this project should email

And here is information about Greening the Grid