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Our Response to The Council’s Character Study Consultation

By 23 March 2021May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023

Merton Council has produced a draft Character Study about each of the various communities within the Borough and has asked for comments.

It has been prepared to assist the Council and other community groups to understand better Merton’s distinctive local character.  It will help towards the preparation of the Council’s New Local Plan and be used to manage growth in the borough.  Neighbourhood forums will be able to draw on this study to assist with the preparation of their neighbourhood plans.  The report will also assist Council officers in their decisions and could be used by developers to ensure that their proposals positively take into account the local context.

Our letter in response to the consultation highlights many of the points that we have made to the Council before.  We have stressed the need for pedestrianisation in Wimbledon Town Centre, for more green spaces, for limits to high-rise buildings and for the preservation of historic landscapes in Wimbledon Park and to prevent vistas outwards from Wimbledon Common and Mitcham Common being ruined by insensitive development.

You can read our letter here.