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Last Updated on 17 April 2024

Wimbledon has a number of curious poles.  They look like very tall Victorian lamp-posts, but without a lamp at the top.  They are ventilation stacks, more commonly known as “stink pipes”, and were an important part of the drainage system to vent noxious smells high above street level.
We are aware of eleven of them around Wimbledon, though there may be more.  The grandest is in the centre of the Kingswood Road roundabout and has been adorned with lights and street name boards.  But most are at the edge of a pavement and in need of repainting. Some are in Conservation areas, and if they were painted suitably, they would be seen as a local Heritage asset. Indeed the Council’s Conservation Officer at one stage was considering whether these Victorian pipe columns should be considered for Local Listing.
Following our successful, though long, attempt to have the Sunnyside Transformer restored, we have now written to Thames Water suggesting that improving the appearance of the stacks would enhance their setting. Read our letter here