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Residents’ Parking Permit Changes

By 18 October 2020May 31st, 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 31 May 2023

Residents who need an on-street parking permit will be familiar with the annual renewal process and sticking the new permit in their car windscreens.

All that is changing.  As existing permits come up for renewal, residents are directed to a new application procedure which does not result in a new tangible permit.  Instead, parking enforcement officers will be able to access a database to confirm that a permit exists and is valid.  It is a similar change to the replacement of tangible Road Tax disks some years ago.

However, this means that if you live in a Controlled Parking Zone and have a permit to park there but cannot find a vacant space, you have no way of telling if the cars parked near your house are parked legitimately or illegally.

Visitor permits are also going on-line only.  We understand that someone’s existing stock of printed visitor permits will still be valid, but we do not know for how long.

Similarly, if you are visiting the Council Recycling Centre in Garth Road you will no longer have proof of residency in your car window.