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Wimbledon Park Lake Walk- Around the Lake or in the Lake?

By 29 March 2023No Comments

Last Updated on 29 March 2023

The AELTC in its February 2023 Community Newsletter refers to a walk around the lake and in the petition they have been  lobbying people to sign they are saying… ‘A new walk right around Wimbledon Park Lake’

They are being economical with the truth.

The  fact is that the AELTC is already required under its purchase obligations from 1993 to “dedicate” a public walkway around the perimeter of the Lake once golf ceased to be played. This obligation is quite separate to the current planning application to develop the former golf course. As golf ceased to be played on 31st Dec 2022 we  see no reason for not creating the lake perimeter walkway now.

Their proposed new Boardwalk has been criticised for compromising some views and follows a shorter route, mostly within the Lake boundaries, than that agreed in 1993. This enables the AELTC to retain for its private use perimeter land around the Lake which was due to be returned to public ownership. The AELTC also propose controlling access to the Boardwalk, contrary to the unrestricted public access and ownership envisaged by the 1993 commitment.

The AELTCs proposed boardwalk over the lake is unacceptable on visual, ecological, and historical grounds.